PublishDate: 2021-07-13 09:05:31

The Head of The Greek Cultural Foundation, in his meeting with Irans Cultural Attaché called for:

Expansion of intercultural dialogue and translation of books from Greek to Persian.

The Cultural Attaché of Islamic Republic of Iran in Athens, Mehdi Nik khah Qumi, met with Nikos Kokis, the head of the , and discussed issues related to intercultural dialogue between the two countries. According to the Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and relations Organization (ICRO) Kokis said, the Athens Cultural Foundation is an organization interested in cultural cooperation adding that we should find areas for joint cooperation, for example in areas such as intercultural dialogue. The current situation after the coronavirus outbreak has made our work difficult, but we can move forward in different ways for example, in publication of books. We can pay for the translation of a book from Greek to Persian, provided that the Iranian publisher publishes the book through mutual coordination, Kokis said.The high ranking Greek cultural official said I agree with all positive and constructive programs adding that in particular, your geographic area is an interesting area and we have had many historical interactions and I think we can have a good start, and I suggest that the two sides propose specific plans and discuss the choice and how to cooperate at the next meeting.Mehdi Nik Khah Qumi, congratulated the bicentenary of Greek freedom and said given the structure and duties of the Greek Cultural Foundation and its mission in cultural activities abroad, it is necessary to provide a brief explanation about the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization. Iranian Cultural Attaché, while describing the activities of his cultural mission in Athens, added that on the question of dialogue between Islam and Orthodox based on the good coordination we have with the Secretary General of Religions in the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions, several rounds of dialogue have taken place in Greece and Iran, and the last round was held virtually in Tehran last September due to the outbreak of Coronavirus with the subject of religion and health.Art and cultural programs, exhibitions and various scientific and cultural activities that lead to a deeper understanding of each other and providing the ground .for interaction between scholars are among the programs that we be engaged so far, Said Nik Khah Qumi